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7 min readDec 25, 2019


The Call and Opportunity of 2020:

Soul Level Transformation and Re-Creation of Our World

We are about to enter another year, another decade — the year 2020.

Many of us are having an alarming sense that the sky is falling. Indeed, in many ways, it is. The structures of our world are falling. Our approaches to many things are not working — the economy, the environment, our relationships with each other, between men and women, our approach to issues of human rights, medical care, and so much more. These realities are very much in our faces and even seem to be getting worse.

At the same time, there is an “awakening” happening on the planet as well. There is a wave of people “waking up” to ourselves as spiritual beings, members of full, cosmic existence, in addition to our rational, three dimensional, practical selves.

What difference does this “awakening” make or what relevance does it have to the suffering of our planet? It is highly relevant and crucial to addressing this suffering. This has been dawning on me as I have been nudged to bridge my own “rational, logical side” and my highly “spiritual side.” Why do so many of us categorize ourselves in this way? It is finally dawning on me that it is time to stop compartmentalizing these “sides” of ourselves because we came to the planet to use all of ourselves at the same time. And we are NEEDED to bridge this false gap.

Our three dimensional, rational brains can only get us so far. Many of us have worked hard and continue to work hard with the tools we have for making change. I have been a social worker for twenty years. My parents and grandparents and great grandparents have all dedicated their lives to various ways of bettering the lives of people around the world through non-profit work, government work, and so forth. And these approaches have made some wonderful changes in the lives of many people. Many of us have dedicated our lives to this kind of work. And it needs to continue.

At the same time, something is still very wrong and we need something else — something new — a new approach, a new set of tools. A major, pivotal “tool” that many of us seem to be suddenly having is our ability to consciously experience ourselves as not only human, but also as infinite spiritual beings who have access to the consciousness and wisdom of all of existence. This is happening to various people in various ways, but it is happening in numbers that seems remarkable and not coincidental. This has been a tool used all over the planet by many peoples throughout time, so it is not truly “new.” But in the post-industrial, “modern” past century and more, many of us have forgotten this ability. And now in amazing numbers, this ability is waking back up! Hallelujah!

What does this awareness do for us? As we know from neuroscience, our brains function very differently based on our level of stress and our state of relaxation. When we are highly stressed, our cortisol levels rise and we tend to operate mainly from our “instinctive” hindbrains. Our ability to come up with new ideas is highly compromised and we tend to react rather than proactively create. As we relax, feel safe, and open ourselves to the world, our brains open and we operate from more of our whole brains and in particular, our frontal lobes which assist us with big picture thinking, future oriented planning, and big envisioning of new solutions. So imagine taking this a step further — a step further than our science has been able to measure yet. What if we all were not only able to relax and feel safe, but also were able to open and relax to such an extent that we remember ourselves as part of the entire cosmos — which we literally are! What happens then?

Einstein is an excellent example of this. He devised many of his theories while doing “mind experiments.” He did not “prove” many of his theories through concrete experiments in a lab. He was somehow able to access a knowledge base of the cosmos that we now are seeing is incredibly real and even “provable” in many ways.

This awakening that many of us are experiencing is similar. Spiritual awakening is not intended to result in a dissociated sense of false bliss or denial of the world’s pain. This spiritual awakening has a massive purpose — we are being opened to bring through new tools, new solutions, major epiphanies on every level that we could not possibly come up with simply using our “logical,” rational, three dimensional brains.

As many astrologers are saying, the year 2020 holds the potential for massive transformation. This means that there is potential for incredible destruction as well as exceptional opportunity for re-envisioning and re-creating of our world on every level. This rings true for me.

The suffering of this planet has existed as long as we have any sense of human history. And I certainly have seen it throughout my lifetime growing up all over the world and working with all kinds of trauma in social work. However, as I sit here on December 25, 2019, something is different. My life has been over turned this past year and a half in ways I never would have expected or even fathomed in earlier times of my life. I have had a strong connection to the spiritual world over the past 21 years or so, but that connection began to get much stronger approximately seven years ago and has sky rocketed over the past year and a half. The spirit world has told me that my life has been cleared and opened so that I can be available to support this awakening process and to help people to bring through the wisdom that needs to come through them.

Over the past thirteen months, I have channeled and published three books relating to this awakening process and now a Sacred Cosmic Rhythms 2020 Journal that outlines the astrological energies of 2020 and the corresponding opportunities for transformation of ourselves and our world over this coming year. On a personal level, my life has gone from over worked and stressed to open, relaxed, beautiful, and filled to overflowing with love and deep contentment. For the first time in my life, I feel truly at home in myself. I never could have planned this transformation of my life, but wow, what an unexpected gift.

As the journal explains and as many astrologers have been saying for a while, we are entering what can be called “The Age of Aquarius.” This Age of Aquarius can be dismissed as a silly, “hippy” idea. However, it speaks to much of what I have mentioned above. The Age of Aquarius brings us an opportunity to transform and to recreate the exact aspects of our world that are not working and that we so desperately want to change. The Age of Aquarius is not a notion of an instantaneous utopia. It is an era of a new wave of energies that bring in the OPPORTUNITY for us to move and change and grow and re-envision and reshape our world however we choose. And “opportunity” and “choose” are key words here. We have the CHOICE to re-envision and re-create our world. This will take active choosing, active commitment, and active effort over and over and over again in every moment.

The Age of Aquarius could take shape in various ways. Some of the opportunities brought by these energies include: 1) Egalitarian social structures, 2) True healing and balance between all energies of the planet, including the masculine and the feminine, 3) An approach to all life forms and each individual as equally valuable and needed and wise, and much more.

So what does this all mean for you and for all of us in this coming year and decade and beyond?

Now more than ever, we have a call to act. We have a call to look at ourselves, at our relationships, at our homes, at our families, at our neighborhoods and schools and governments, and our whole world and to find “what is mine to do” in terms of examining what is working and what is not. We each have a puzzle piece to the re-creation of our world that can only come through us. To be more specific, YOU have a puzzle piece to the re-creation of our world that can ONLY come through YOU. We need every single puzzle piece to address these awful and mounting issues around our globe.

So what is yours to do? What are the puzzle pieces of deep cosmic wisdom that need to come through YOU that perhaps your rational, logical brain could not possibly think of? What is it that we all need to know and need to hear in the voice of your soul and you as an infinite, cosmic being?

We are waiting to listen to you. We need to hear you.

I can not wait to be present and open to bringing through my puzzle pieces and sharing and hearing yours.

In celebration of each of you and all of what we can collectively do this year together, so much love,


P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts, reflections, and experiences.

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