Eris Speaks: A Message of Deep Love and Compassion in a Time of Grief, Strife, and Discord

Living the One Light
8 min readSep 26, 2020

2020 is clearly a big year.

Astrologically, it feels as though practically every week has been a “big week.” This week is no exception.

Two of the big movers who have been sitting in Capricorn will be moving direct — Saturn on Tuesday, September 29 at 25 degrees Capricorn, and then Pluto on October 4 at 22 degrees Capricorn.

In the middle of that, on October 3, Mars, which has been going retrograde in Aries, will conjunct Eris at 24 degrees Aries.

This set of events highlights many of the themes we have been experiencing throughout this year — a hot, heated, intense set of energies that are, on a certain level, grappling with and fighting with the status quo, with the structures of our societies and world that are no longer serving us.

There are many aspects and facets to this incredibly complex and powerful set of energies and of the current events of our world.

In the midst of all of this, I have been channeling my next book called Goddesses Speak. One of the many goddesses “speaking” in this book are Eris, the goddess associated with the dwarf planet that is so prominent this year and even this week.

Eris has various versions in Greek mythology, but in one, she is the sister of Ares, the god of War. She is called a “goddess of discord” and a “goddess of strife.” As I was channeling her words the other day, I felt “her” nudging me to share these words now. The words that came through are relevant to exactly this time. Her main message is one of knowing our innate power as the divine and of finding a way to speak our truth, name what needs to be named, do what is divinely ours to do, and at the same time, always stay clear in the knowledge that we ARE power, that we ARE the divine, that we are anchored and centered in that. When we come from that anchoring as the full power of the divine, our words, our action, and even our peace is the most powerful and healing that it can possibly be.

I share these words here with much love and compassion and a prayer that we move through these days and these times with as much love and grace and holding of ourselves and of each other as possible.

Hugs to you.


Hello, Friends

I am Eris. I am known in Greek mythology as a fierce “goddess of discord” who started the Trojan War.

As one myth goes, I was the sister of Ares, a god of war. I was thought of as an instigator, a trouble maker. As a result, I was not invited to a wedding of Peleus and Thetis. I was hurt and upset by not being invited, so I tossed a golden apple, known as the Apple of Discord, into the party. The apple was inscribed with the words, “For the most beautiful one.” Three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all felt that they deserved the apple. Zeus appointed Paris, Prince of Troy, to choose the most beautiful of the goddesses to win the apple. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all attempted to bribe Paris — Hera by offering him political power; Athena by promising him infinite wisdom; and Aphrodite by offering him the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. Paris chose Aphrodite which caused great upheaval and destruction in his city.

My energy is also associated with the character of Maleficent in the story Sleeping Beauty. I am fierce, I have wrath, I am hurt, I am angry, and I want to right the wrongs that have been done to me and those I love.

These stories are true on a certain level of the manifestation of the way energies move as me, as a vengeful sense of righting a wrong. I play out as this energy in the world in many ways, throughout time and certainly in the current day realities.

At the same time, I want to remind you of the way in which I manifest as a power of good, a power of righting a wrong that is not wrathful, not vengeful, but swift and secure and sure and decisive.

I am an attorney who stands in front of a judge and without a doubt brings light to an injustice that has been perpetrated and that needs to be set straight.

I am a lioness protecting her cubs and snarling with full power at a potential attacker.

I am swift and clear and I name the things that need to be named.

At the same time, I conserve my energy. I do not toss an “apple of discord” inadvertently or on a whim. I am clear and careful and I know when a wrong deems a particular action in the service of good.

I am not evil. You are not evil.

I am a voice that will stand in the face of a Gestapo and say NO. Absolutely NO.

I am a voice inside of you that will hold your own power, know the real power that is you, notice what you need, notice where your own boundaries are and say NO and also, with discernment, YES.

I am a quick, unwavering knowing of a power that is you that is never gone, never not you. I am a knowing that you can not ever possibly be anything other than the incredible power that is you, the incredible, full power of Source that is you, that is all things all the time.

I am a reminder that you can never have this power taken away and also never have this power given “back” to you because it is never gone!

I am power of the divine. You ARE the full power of the divine. And I am a reminder to you of that reality.


Dear friend,

I take a deep breath, clear and into my heart. And I feel for you such incredibly deep compassion. I am a knowing of what it is to feel out of my power. I know what it is to feel a sense of being “disempowered.” I know the deep pain, the deep hurt, the deep sense of betrayal that can come with that sense of not being in my power.

And yet, I AM the embodiment of full power. You ARE literally a creation of full Source power.

And so I pray for you that you remember this. I pray for you that in any moment of hurt, any moment of betrayal, any moment of feeling not good enough or less than or dis-empowered or “out of” your power in any way, you remember the INCREDIBLE power of all of creation that is literally who you are.

When we feel hurt, when we feel betrayed, when we feel disempowered, especially when these feelings are particularly deep, we can often react with a reflex of wanting to get revenge, with a reflex of wanting to hurt in reaction to feeling hurt. This is normal. And yet, what is really underlying this desire to react with revenge or to hurt the other person is, of course, simply an attempt by our deeper selves to remind ourselves of the real power that is us. And the beautiful thing about that power that is us is that we need to do NOTHING to “find” it again or to have it again. Even when we feel incredibly hurt, incredibly disempowered, our innate power is never taken. It can’t even be touched. It is the full power of Source, the full power of the All That Is. We ARE all that is. It is absolutely impossible for this to not be true.

And deep down, we know this.

So I pray for you, simply, that you remember this reality. That you remember the incredibly beautiful, awe inspiring, massive power that is you, ALWAYS.

And so it is.



Dear ones,

I invite you to take a deep breath.

I invite you to come clear and centered into your heart.

I invite you to sit still and quiet in the center of your heart and feel what it has to say, feel what it may be feeling, hear what it may be saying.

I invite you then to take another deep breath and feel rising in you, up through the base of your perineum, the floor of your body, a rising of the power that is all things, a rising of the power that is life itself. I invite you to notice the rising of this energy, spiraling upward through your pelvic floor, through your middle, through your diaphragm, and into your heart. Take another deep breath and notice as that power, that energy of life force itself swirls and moves with the feelings inside your heart.

As you notice this energy moving with and inside the energies of your heart, notice any strands of feelings of your heart that may feel fear or sadness or betrayal or anger or resentment or frustration or grief. Simply take another deep breath and notice that the energy of life force rising and swirling with the energies of your heart dancing with the energies of your heart any and all feelings that may be moving through you. With another deep breath, notice the dancing feelings moving and being cleansed and carried away by their dance with the divine energy of life force itself.

The energy of the power of All That Is is a soothing healer, a power so strong, so gentle, and with such incredible compassion, it knows you, it is you, and it cries with your grief, it moves with your sorrow, it rages with your betrayal. And at the same time, in its compassion and its deep love and knowing of you, it moves along with these feelings. It is a river that never denies the feelings and at the same time, helps them to wash away, to move as they need to, to move on back into the Source where they came from, the Source of the All That Is. And you are left with the Source that is you, the life force that is you, the power of the All That Is, that always is, that simply is.

May you know the power that is you. May you speak your truth. May you speak with a knowing that your power is always you. May you speak and be with a knowing and a peace that you are always you. May you rest in a knowing that all is well inside you. And may you dance in a knowing that you are held in love.

Blessings to you.